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Ep 213:

Interview with Paul Teshima, founder of

Every good sales person understands that it's all about building relationships with your customers and prospects. After a previous successful exit the founders of Nudge came together again to build a new sales platform to help sales people find and create stronger relationships with the people that matter. Nudge connects to your email, your calendar and your social media to provide alerts and analytics for your network. Nudge has a free product to help you get started, that also gives you access to the mobile app and chrome extension, then you can upgrade to the $30 per month paid version when needed. As a lifelong sales person I understand the value of services like Nudge so I'd recommend you check it out. Nudge is based in Toronto, has raised $7.5 million and currently has 22 people on their team.

In this interview I spoke with Paul Teshima, founder of about his motivation behind starting Nudge, what does Nudge do, how is it different from other relationship management software, who is their target customer, how has Nudge been acquiring their customers, how did he find his co-founder, what is his previous business experience (spoiler: he built Eloqua from startup to IPO to $957 million acquisition by Oracle), how does the free product compare to the paid product, what have been the biggest challenges with building Nudge, how did his experience building Eloqua better prepare him to build this new company, what are the pros and cons of doing startups in Toronto, how important is recruiting, and much more.

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