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Ep 208: Interview with Nick Desai, founder of Heal

As you probably know by now the Startup Sense Podcast loves interviewing the founders of innovative companies disrupting massive industries and today's guest is no different. Heal provides on-demand healthcare services which means they bring a great doctor to your home or office, on your schedule, when you need it. Heal is currently operating throughout California and recently launched in the Washington DC which aggressive expansion plans on the horizon. We all know that healthcare is a massive, inefficient, slow moving industry but thankfully companies like Heal are bringing new innovations and new business models while providing services that consumers love. Heal went live in 2015, has raised more than $51 million from a host of top notch investors and is quickly approaching 100 employees.

In this interview I spoke with Nick Desai, co-founder of Heal about his motivation behind starting the company, what was he doing prior to Heal, how did he find his co-founders (spoiler: one of of them is his wife), what problem is Heal solving, how big is their addressable market, what are the problems with the existing (outdated) system, how inefficient is healthcare, how did Heal attract their early investors (including Lionel Richie), how much regulation did they need to get through, how long did it take to develop partnerships with the major insurance companies, how did they acquire their first 100 customers and what is their marketing strategy today, why did they chose Washington DC as their first expansion market outside of California, what is their recruiting strategy (especially with doctors), what have been the biggest challenges, how did his previous 3 companies prepare him for Heal and much more.

Connect with Heal on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and Crunchbase.

Connect with Nick on Twitter and Linkedin.

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