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Ep 206:

Interview with Logan Cohen, founder of Kudzoo

I really wish something like Kudzoo had existed when I was in school because it would have added some extra motivation to studying harder, attending classes more frequently and getting better grades. Kudzoo is a free mobile app that rewards high school and college students with deals, giveaways, scholarship opportunities, concert tickets and other rewards. Kudzoo has more than 1 million users (80% high school) and has started partnering with brands that want exposure to Gen Z (people born after 1995) which is in the tens of millions of students. Kudzoo is free for students but they also offer an enterprise version for schools that want to customize the content. Kudzoo is based in NYC and has raised $1.6 million already with another $1.5 million round in the works.

In this interview I spoke with Logan Cohen, co-founder of Kudzoo about her motivation behind starting the company, where the idea came from, what exactly does Kudzoo do, who is using it, how are they growing their active user base, what marketing tactics have worked the best, what was she doing before starting Kudzoo, how long was the company bootstrapped, when did they raise their first round of capital, who built the first version of the Kudzoo mobile apps, how long did it take to launch the product, what have been the biggest challenges, did the team make any mistakes, how are they leveraging PR and influencers, what type of brands are they partnering with and much more.

Connect with Kudzoo on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and Crunchbase.

Connect with Logan on Instagram and Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

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