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Ep 220: Interview with Jeff LeBrun, founder of Pillsy

Nearly 70% of American's take at least one prescription drug and millions more take daily vitamins and supplements. One of the problems is that everyday millions of people forget to take those pills which can lead to devastating health issues including death in the most severe cases. Pillsy is a smart pill bottle that automatically tracks your required doses and sends intelligent reminders when you forget. Whether you need to take certain pills in the morning, afternoon or evening...Pillsy has you covered. Pillsy was started in 2014 but didn't start shipping product until 2016. The company has 5 full-time employees and has raised $500,000 from some angel investors including 500 startups.

In this interview I spoke with Jeff LeBrun, co-founder of Pillsy about why he started this company, what was his motivation, how big is this market, how are they selling the product, are they going into retail, how are they acquiring users, what is their marketing strategy, why did product development take 2 years, when did they raise their seed funding, what was that money used for, are they going to raise additional capital, what have been the biggest challenges, what have been the lessons learned, will their smart pill bottles be covered by insurance someday, how did they determine the right selling price, was it hard to setup the manufacturing process and much more.

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