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Ep 214:

Interview with Jamie Morea, founder of Hyperbiotics

Hyperbiotics is a company that most of us have not heard about. They have not raised tons of VC money and they're not part of the sexy on-demand economy but what they have done is create a product that's helping millions of people all while selling more than $20 million of their probiotics. Jamie and her husband started the company a few years after having a personal health scare that caused her doctor to recommend probiotics. After doing some research Jamie felt there was nothing on the market that met her level of expectations so she created her own. Fast forward 3 years and Hyperbiotics has sold more than 1 million bottles of probiotics, a big portion of which are happening on Amazon. Jamie and her husband are currently running the company from Spain, they have manufacturing in Nevada and 35 employees distributed around the world.


In this interview I spoke with Jamie about her health scare and why it motivated her to start the company, how are her products different and better than their competitors, what exactly a probiotic and why should we be taking them, how have they grown the company so fast, when did Amazon become such a critical part of their growth story, what are some tips for selling millions of dollars worth of product on Amazon, what are the pros and cons of running a distributed team, why have they remained self-funded, would they ever entertain an investment or a buyout, what new products have they introduced over the past few years, what is their overall marketing strategy, how much time and money do they spend on content and much more.

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