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Episode 135:

Interview with Justin Bailie, founder of Rose Rocket

I have not spent much time around the transportation, shipping, logistics and freight carrier industries but even with that I still wasn't surprised to learn that many of the small to mid sized companies (less than 100 trucks) are still using technologies from 15+ years ago. Using outdated software and tedious spreadsheets rarely leads to an efficient operating business which is the case in these industries that already suffer from very low margins. Rose Rocket is here to give these companies a better operating platform to manage their trucks, drivers, deliveries and clients.

Thanks to his 10+ years of industry experience, Justin Bailie, co-founder of Rose Rocket was able to identify the problems first-hand and now his team is building the solution. The company went through Y-Combinator in the Summer of 2016 and has since raised just under $1 million from investors. They are not quite at "product market fit" but getting closer everyday. They understand that building a minimal viable product doesn't work in the trucking industry where their eventual clients will use Rose Rocket to run their entire business so it has to work flawlessly from the start.

In this interview I spoke with Justin about the problems these smaller trucking companies are dealing with and how the Rose Rocket platform will help, what his team learned through Y-Combinator and what pivots they needed to make, how his prior experience running a freight brokerage business will be critical to understanding clients needs, when they might be ready to go live with their product and much more.

Connect with Rose Rocket on Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

You can find Justin on Linkedin and Twitter and AngelList.

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