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Episode 133:

Interview with Wil Schroter, founder of

If I could go back 10 years in time I'd probably try to create exactly what has done. Over the past decade they have assembled an incredibly valuable and comprehensive platform of resources and services for entrepreneurs. The family of products now includes (creating business plans), (finding mentors and advisors), (creating launch pages), (virtual assistants) and (raising capital).

More than 1 million entrepreneurs have turned to and their platform of products to help them create, launch and grow their companies. The founder of is Wil Schroter, a lifelong entrepreneur who has assembled this platform over the past decade by building some of the products from scratch and then buying others where it made sense.

In this advice filled interview with Wil we chatted about why he is so passionate about, his strategy behind each of the products, what pieces might still be missing, how is helping founders on a daily basis, how he decides when to buy a company and whether it will be a good fit, his strategy for managing 150+ employees and all the different products, what the future of looks like, his biggest goals for 2017 and what generating revenue should be the #1 focus for 99% of startups. 

Connect with Wil on Linkedin and Twitter or email him at

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