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Episode 132:

Interview with Joe Fernandez, founder of Joymode

Joe Fernandez is no stranger to the startup community. Back in 2008 he launched Klout as a social influence measuring platform. He raised $40 million from investors and eventually sold the company in 2014 to Lithium for $200 million. Joe spent a year working at Lithium then jumped back into the founder role with his new company called Joymode.

Joymode is based in Los Angeles, has raised $3 million from investors and helps people enjoy amazing indoor and outdoor experiences. They have 100+ experiences available through their website which include hosting a movie night in your backyard, camping with friends or spending a few days playing around virtual reality. Joymode wants you to do the things you love without having to worry about buying and storing all of the equipment.

In this interview with Joe Fernandez, co-founder of Joymode we covered a ton of exciting topics including why he decided to start another company, what does Joymode do and what problem are they solving, how they acquire users and why they started in LA, what he learned during his 6 years at Klout and how it's made him a better entrepreneur, why it was so much easier raising money for Joymode, how he plans to grow this company, what factors will play a major role in the success of Joymode and so much more.

Connect with Joymode on Facebook and Twitter and AngelList.

You can find Joe on Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

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