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Episode 130:

Interview with Karthik Sridharan, founder of Kinnek

For anyone that has started a small business, especially one that requires equipment, furniture, inventory, perishable goods, etc then you understand how frustrating it can be to find the best suppliers. Thankfully the founders of Kinnek also recognized this problem and decided to create a solution. is a marketplace that connects small/mid sized businesses with the suppliers they need. The company was started in 2012, is based in NYC, has grown to 50+ employees and has raised $33 million from some incredible investors.

In my interview with Karthik, founder of Kinnek, we discussed why he started the company, what massive problem they are trying to solve, what their fundraising strategy was, which industries they started with, the challenges with building a marketplace solution, what lessons he has learned over the past few years, how they build the supply side and demand side, why liquidity is so critical to their success, what advice he would give to another entrepreneur creating a marketplace, what is the company's top goal for 2017 and much more.

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