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Episode 129:

Interview with Gabi Lewis, founder of Exo Protein

A few months ago a friend told me about Exo Protein so I decided to look into the company. I'm very much into fitness so getting adequate amounts of daily protein is important to me and millions of others. I quickly realized that Exo Protein stood out from the other hundred protein bar companies for one main reason...there bars are made from crickets or cricket flour to be more precise. According to stats, 80% of the world consumes crickets as part of their normal diet and although the idea sounds crazy to most of us, just a couple decades ago the idea of eating raw fish seemed crazy and now sushi is one of the most popular foods in the U.S.

Exo Protein was started in 2014 and has raised a little over $5 million from some very impressive investors including Tim Ferriss and Nasir "Nas" Jones. Like any other startup the company has faced many challenges not the least of which is educating consumers about the health and protein benefits of eating crickets.

In this interview I spoke with Gabi Lewis, co-founder of Exo Protein about why he started this company and why he was so intrigued with crickets, the challenges they faced with regards to sourcing the ingredients as well as manufacturing the actual bars. We also talked about the company's marketing strategy, how they acquire customers and how they work with influencers and brand ambassadors. We discussed the complexities of running a food business and building a brand as well as how he attracted such a great group of investors and what the company has planned for 2017 in terms of growth and new product development.

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