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Episode 127:

Interview with Craig Fitzpatrick, founder of PageCloud

A little over a year ago I watched Craig Fitzpatrick present his company PageCloud on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt. [watch that video here]. I was blown away by the technology and knew immediately that PageCloud was going to change web publishing in a very meaningful way. Their platform gives non-technical people the ability to build and launch amazing websites with unprecedented functionality. For the millions of individuals and entrepreneurs looking to launch a blog, a personal page or even a business they don't have to pay a developer thousands of dollars to get something that looks great, performs well, meets their needs, can be easily edited and most importantly is affordable. Suppose you only have $15,000 to start a home based you can get a great looking website for just $25 per month and spend the other 99% of your startup capital on sales and marketing.

In this interview I spoke with Craig about his vision and motivation behind starting PageCloud. The company is based in Ottawa, Canada and has already raised millions so obviously we touched on both of those topics as well. We also chatted about how PageCloud is changing the web publishing industry, why they priced their service a little higher than their competitors, the types of people and companies using PageCloud, how they are acquiring those users, what are some of the metrics and KPI's that he likes to look at, why he loves the SaaS business model, what is their hiring strategy, what he's learned over the past couple years, what have been the biggest challenges, his advice for other startup founders, why Canada is a great place to build a company and why they might be opening up an office in the U.S. very soon.

Connect with PageCloud on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

You can find Craig on Linkedin and Twitter and AngelList.

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