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Episode 126:

Interview with Will Jamieson, CMO of Stream

There's no doubt that live streaming has become a fundamental part of our lives, whether we're producing it or consuming it. More and more individuals, celebrities and brands have integrated live streaming into their marketing and messaging strategies. Many of us are familiar with other live streaming services like Facebook live or Periscope or even Instagram live but none of them can offer what Stream does. Stream provides two distinct advantages over those other platforms... (1) complete control of your content and (2) the ability to broadcast via your own website thus enabling you better opportunities for monetization. 

Stream was launched several years ago out of Charleston, SC. The company has been completely bootstrapped to date and build their own proprietary technology rather than licensing it. Right now they are dual focused on providing a valuable live streaming service to consumers as well as companies/brands.

In this interview I spoke with Will Jamieson, Chief Marketing Officer of Stream and former co-founder of YikYak about his excitement around joining the company in 2015 and helping to propel things to the next level. We talked about Stream's current marketing strategy, how they went from 0 to 1 million users in the first year, why they are finally raising outside capital, what makes Stream different and/or better from other live streaming services, why they'll be putting more resources into their enterprise offering, why Charleston has become an incredible place to start and grow a company, how Stream does their hiring/recruiting, what are some of their business goals for 2017 and much more. 

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