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Ep 201: Interview with Chris Aubuchon, founder of Filld

Filld is solving a problem that many of us can relate to. Perhaps we have even wondered from time-to-time why a service like this hasn't already existed. Filld delivers fuel to consumers at their residence or office. They simply schedule it in advance using the app, type in where the car will be located and then no more hassle of dealing with gas stations. We all admit that time is our most valuable resource and now Filld is giving some back to us. The gas station industry will never go away but now as a Filld customer you won't have worry about pumping your gas is undesirable weather conditions, handling those disgusting pumps, getting gas on your new shoes, or trying to find a gas station late at night. Filld has 25 employees, has raised $6 million from investors and is based in the Bay Area which is one of their three markets, the others being Seattle and Vancouver.

In this interview I spoke with Chris about his motivation behind starting Filld, where did the idea come from, what job was he doing prior, what market research did the team conduct, what did it take to get started, where did the first truck come from, when did they begin raising capital, what was the fundraising process like, what business challenges did they face, what regulatory challenges did they need to get through, what has been their most effective marketing strategy, what does their referral program look like, has the company made any mistakes, what is their expansion strategy, are they having more success with the consumer or commercial markets, what advice would he give to himself before starting the company and much more.

Connect with Filld on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList and Crunchbase.

Connect with Chris on Linkedin and Twitter.

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