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Ep 196:

Interview with Paul Hadfield, founder of Revzi

Two of the most competitive industries are restaurants and retail. Owners of those businesses are constantly worried about bringing in new customers, increasing profit margins and making operations as efficient as possible. The team of Revzi understands the challenges which is why they've developed software to help these owners. Revzi is based in Chicago, with a team of approx 15 people and currently bootstrapped. Paul had a successful exit from his last company which has enabled him to fund Revzi since the beginning.

In this interview I spoke with Paul Hadfield, co-founder of Revzi about what his company does and why he started it, who are their customers, how are they acquiring those customers, how are his sales reps compensated, what advice does he have with regards to compensation, what have been the biggest challenges, the lessons learned, what advice does he wish he could go back and give himself, how is Revzi funded and do they plan to raise outside capital, why did he sell his previous company and much more.

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