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Ep 195:

Interview with JB Osborne, founder of Red Antler

Building a brand is no easy task, just look at the millions of failed businesses across every industry. It takes skill, experience, strategy, patience and a little bit of luck. Many founders might know know their industry, they might be great engineers or product people, they might be great at fundraising or closing deals, but none of those skills translate into being able to build a brand which requires deeply understanding the end customer and being able to make your brand stand apart from the competition. The team at Red Antler is one of the top branding agencies in the country and have worked with amazing companies like Casper, Allbirds, MissionU, Bowery, Foursquare and more. Red Antler has been around for 10 years and is based in NYC however they work with companies and brands around the world. Learn more at

In this interview I spoke with JB about Red Antler and why he started the company, what was he doing prior, what services do they provide, what types of companies/brands do they work with, how do they make money, do they ever take equity compensation, what are some of his favorite client success stories, what have been the biggest business challenges over the past 10 years, do they work with companies outside of NYC, what clients does he regret not working with, what mistakes do companies usually make when it comes to branding, what kind of people does he like to hire for his agency and much more.

Connect with Red Antler on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

Connect with JB on Linkedin and Twitter and AngelList or email him at

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