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Ep 194:

Interview with Bobby Johnson, founder of Interana

Companies have so much more data than ever before. It comes from their websites. It comes from their mobile apps. This data can be very valuable with respect to learning more about consumer behavior and consumer interactions. Interana helps companies analyze their data so they can continually improve and optimize their systems and products. Interana works with many well-known companies like Microsoft, Tinder, NextDoor, Asana, Survey Money and many more. Interana is based in the Bay Area, has raised $46 million from investors and is hiring.

In this interview I spoke with Bobby Johnson, co-founder of Interana about his motivation behind starting the company, what exactly does Interana do, who are some companies they work with and how are those companies using their product, what it's like to start a company with your wife, what it was like being at Facebook from 2006 to 2012, how that experience at Facebook prepared him to be a founder, why Interana went through Y-combinator, how the famous accelerator helped them launch, what was their fundraising strategy, why did they choose their early investors, what are some of his favorite client success stories and much more.

Connect with Interana on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and Crunchbase.

Connect with Bobby on Twitter and Linkedin or email him at

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