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Ep 191:

Interview with Charles Davis, founder of EasyVote

Online voting will probably never move online because the risk for fraud is just too high but that shouldn't stop municipalities and political groups from using software to organize and streamline their operations. With all the complexities of elections, EasyVote has a platform for managing inventory, people,, finances, schedules and much more. With hundreds of districts across the country using EasyVote, they have clearly proven that their platform is far superior to the old way of managing these things which relied on word docs, spreadsheets and emails. EasyVote is a solution that saves time and money while increasing accuracy and accountability. EasyVote is based in Atlanta, Georgia with approx 15 employees (distributed around the country) and they've raised $2 million from a couple Angel Investors (with plans to raise more money soon).

In this interview I spoke with Charles Davis, co-founder of EasyVote about his motivation behind starting this company, why does EasyVote actually do, how is the company funded, how hard is it to deal with the government, why are they slow to adopt new technologies, what is the pricing for EasyVote, what is their sales process, how long does it take to close these deals, how big is the market opportunity for EasyVote, what have been the biggest challenges, what's one thing he wish he knew before starting EasyVote and much more.

Connect with EasyVote on Linkedin and Crunchbase.

Connect with Charles on Linkedin and Twitter.

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