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Ep 189:

Interview with Joel Trammell, founder of Khorus

Entrepreneurs, founders and CEO's have a variety of platforms and software products to help them with marketing, hiring, financials and just about every other aspect of running a company but there's no platform to help CEO's be better CEO's. That is until Joel Trammell launched Khorus in 2012. Khorus is an innovative enterprise platform built to give leaders a simpler, better way to align teams and execute strategies. Khorus offers a single system for driving results across the whole organization. Khorus has 15 employees, has raised $6.6 million (much of which came from Joel) and is based in Austin, Texas.

In this interview I spoke with Joel about his previous ventures leading up to Khorus and why he saw a huge opportunity to built out a platform for CEO's, what exactly does the platform do for CEO's, how do they find their customers, what does the sales process look like, what have been the biggest surprises and biggest challenges over the past 5 years, what is the startup scene in Austin like, is he able to find the right talent, what does he look for in a sales person, what advice can he share for other entrepreneurs building a B2B software platform and much more.

Connect with Khorus on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and Crunchbase.

Connect with Joel on Linkedin and Twitter or his personal website at

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