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Ep 186:

Interview with Ron Shah, founder of Bizly

For anyone that has been in charge of setting up corporate events you understand how tedious the process can be especially when you have to call a dozen different venues to get pricing, availability, menu options and so forth. Bizly makes your life much easier by providing a platform for corporate meetings and events. Everything you need to plan and execute a great function is available to you. Not only will they save you time but they'll also save you money since Bizly clients tend to get special rates. Bizly is based in New York, has 15 employees and has already raised $1.5 million with another $2 million closing soon.

In this interview I spoke with Ron Shah, co-founder of Bizly about his motivation behind starting the company, what problem are they solving, how big is the corporate event market, how does the Bizly platform work, what types of companies do they work with, how do they find their suppliers (aka the venues), how do they make money, which markets are they currently operating in, how quickly are they growing, what are the challenges with international expansion, what has been their fundraising strategy, how do they recruit top talent, what have been their biggest milestones to date and much more.

Connect with Bizly on Facebook and Linkedin and Twitter and AngelList and Crunchbase.

Connect with Ron on Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

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