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Ep 184:

Interview with Evan Blair, founder of ZeroFOX

It's undeniable that the world has gone more digital. This is also true for businesses that are spending more time and resources across social and digital platforms. But these companies are constantly at risk of being hacked, impersonated, blackmailed, defrauded and many other threats. ZeroFOX protects those companies, their employees and their customers from a variety of online, social and digital threats. ZeroFOX is based in Baltimore, has raised $40 million, is approaching 200 employees and is always on the hunt for more great people to join their team.

In this interview I spoke with Evan about the mission of ZeroFOX, why did he start the company, what services do they provide, how are they protecting companies in the digital age, where are companies and brands getting damaged, what is their pricing model, what have been the secrets to building such a fast growing company, what is their customer acquisition strategy, why have they raised so much capital, what has been their recruiting strategy, what is the Baltimore startup scene like, what are the pros to building a company in Baltimore, what does the future of ZeroFOX look like, and much more.

Connect with ZeroFOX on Facebook and Linkedin and Twitter and Crunchbase.

Connect with Evan on Linkedin and Twitter.

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