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Ep 182:

Interview with Antoine Finkelstein, founder of Hunter

A couple months ago I began using for my own prospecting efforts. I quickly became a fan of the service so I reached out to the founders and invited them onto my podcast. They're solving a very simple but important problem that most entrepreneurs and sales people deal to get the right email address. They currently have a web app, chrome extension and plug-ins for services like Linkedin. allows you to search for email addresses and built prospecting lists that can be uploaded to your CRM or exported in a CSV file. is currently bootstrapped and cash flow positive. The team is small but they've had impressive traction over the past couple years thanks for word of mouth and being featured on ProductHunt.

In this interview I spoke with Antoine about his motivation behind starting, what was he working on prior to this project, how much user growth have they seen so far, how are they finding those users, any growth marketing tips, how were they able to get to cash flow positive so quickly, why have remained self-funded, what are his goals with, how has the service changed since inception, what new features might still be coming, what are they conversion rates from free plan to paid plan, and much more.

Connect with on Facebook and Twitter and Crunchbase and AngelList.

Connect with Antoine on Twitter and AngelList or email him at

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