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Ep 180:

Interview with Kelcy Pegler, founder of Roof Diagnostics Solar and MemberWhen

My guest today accomplished something that most of us entrepreneurs truly aspire to which is growing a company to $100 million then selling it to a Fortune 500 company. After working in the financial services industry after college, Kelcy decided to join his father's roofing company and transform it into one of the leading solar companies in the country. When Roof Diagnostics Solar was purchased by NRG in 2014 it was the 8th largest solar installer in the U.S. (which they accomplished in just 3 years). After selling Roof Diagnostics Solar, Kelcy stayed with NRG for 2 years before jumping into his next project called MemberWhen. MemberWhen is a service that helps families tell their life story and receive an audio memory file that will live on forever and be passed down to the next generation.

In this interview we started off by talking about Roof Diagnostics and how they were able grow this company so incredibly fast, what does it really take to build a $100 million company in 3 years, what were their biggest challenges, how did they find the best employees, what mistakes did they make along the way, how has the solar industry changed over the last 5 years, why did they decide to sell the business to NRG and much more. In the second part of the interview we chatted about MemberWhen, Kelcy's new company and passion project. I asked him about his motivation behind starting this company, what do they offer, how much does it cost, how are they acquiring new customers, how are they funded, what are his goals for this new project, what type of impact does he want to make and much more.

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Read about Roof Diagnostics Solar being acquired by NRG Energy [click here].

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