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Ep 179: Interview with Izzy DiChiara, founder of Ubidock

I've known today's guest for a few years when he launched his first company Ubidock, a wireless charging system for bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and other venues. Not only is this a solution for customers so their phone doesn't die but it also provides valuable customer data to the venue and keeps the customer there spending more money. Ubidock is still in growth mode but our guest Izzy is in the process of launching his next business called JackAI. Jack is a 24/7 chat service for everything home related. Whether you're trying to find a plumber or landscaper or any of a thousand other possibilities, soon you'll have Jack to help you. Learn more at and

In this interview I spoke with Izzy about both companies but started with Ubidock since he's been working on this one longer. I asked him about why he started Ubidock, how he founder his co-founders, what it took to design the product and setup manufacturing, what were the biggest challenges, how are they acquiring customers, what is their pricing model, what are their goals for 2017 and much more. Next up in the interview we chatted about JackAI and why this is huge a huge business opportunity, I asked him about the vision of the company going forward, how does Jack work, how is chat and AI changing the business landscape, what has the company learned in their private beta, when will the service go live, how do they plan on making money and much more.

Connect with Ubidock on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList and Crunchbase.

Connect with Jack on AngelList and Twitter or visit their website at

Connect with Izzy on Linkedin and Twitter and AngeList.

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