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Ep 178:

Interview with Tom Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition

Today's interview was extra special for me because I've been a big fan of Quest Nutrition and our guest Tom Bilyeu for many years. I remember back in 2011 when I tried a Quest bar for the first time and was immediately hooked. Not only did their protein bars taste great but the macros were much better than everything else on the market. It was finally possible to get a healthy protein bar that wasn't loaded up with sugars and artificial ingredients. For the first couple years Quest was only available online but they were crushing it with social media and with influencers (in full disclosure I've been an ambassador with Quest since 2012). As demand for Quest bars continued to grow the company began distributing through retail stores. Fast forward to today and thousands of retail stores, nutrition stores, websites and gyms are selling Quest bars. They are definitely the #1 protein bar on the planet but Quest is not just a protein bar company, they are a legitimate food company that is changing the way people eat. The journey for Quest was undoubtedly a hard one for Tom and his two co-founders because not only did they have to build their own machinery and setup their own facilities but they did it all without raising any outside capital. Quest was built with lots of sweat equity along with debt and credit. Quest has already surpassed the $400 million revenue mark and is valued at over $1 billion. The company is headquartered in California and has 1,400+ employees. You can find all kinds of amazing healthy food products at

As if the Quest story is not awesome enough, Tom has actually stepped away from the company he built to work on his new company called Impact Theory. This new project is something that Tom is clearly very passionate about. Impact Theory is all about igniting human potential by getting into the minds of the world's most incredible people to learn their secrets. It's very clear that Tom wants to make the world a better place. First with Quest's mission to change the way we consume protein foods and now with Impact Theory's mission to give millions of people the tools, confidence and motivation they need to go be more successful. Check out for incredible interviews.

In this interview I spoke with Tom about his 7 year journey at Quest taking this company from the kitchen to more than $400 million in annual sales, what were their biggest challenges, why didn't they take any outside investor money, how were they able to carry out their original vision of changing the food industry, what was their marketing strategy in the beginning and how has it changed over the years, have any larger food companies tried to acquire them, what are some of his favorite moments over the past 7 years and much more.

Now in the second part of the interview we talked about his new company Impact Theory, what is their mission, how are they different than other content creators, what is his long term vision for this company, what keeps him motivated, what are his tips for finding the right people to work with and so much more. Thanks for listening. Please share across social media so other's can enjoy this wisdom and advice from Tom Bilyeu.

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