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Ep 173:

Interview with Simon Payne, founder of ConvertPlayer

Prior to starting ConvertPlayer, our guest today Simon Payne was a co-founder of LeadPages and helped grow the company to millions in revenue, 150+ employees and tens of thousands of customers. Simon spent 4.5 years at LeadPages but then felt it was time to start something new. ConvertPlayer allows anyone to easily built a wrapper for their videos which then embeds an email subscribe button or social sharing buttons into the video. This makes it easier for video publishers, video marketers, brands and vloggers to engage with and grow their audience. ConvertPlayer is also able to provide some video conversion numbers that can be helpful to the video creators and publishers. ConvertPlayer is currently bootstrapped and has a small team but with Simon's experience I'm thinking they'll be booming soon.

In this interview I spoke with Simon about why he left LeadPages, does he still own equity in the company, why he started ConvertPlayer, what problem are they solving, who is their target client and how are they planning to reach them, what is the pricing model, how did his experience at LeadPages make him a better entrepreneur, what have been the biggest challenges at ConvertPlayer, what's his favorite thing about being a founder and much more.

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Connect with Simon on Twitter or email him 

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