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Ep 172:

Interview with Henry Lawson, founder of Autograph

We're living in an era where brands are constantly advertising to us and online companies are tracking our activity. Whether we like it or not these companies are gathering more and more data on doesn't it make sense to start controlling what type of data they are seeing. The team at Autograph saw this trend coming back in 2011 when they started the company. They call it "opt in" marketing. Autograph allows individuals to customize the data that companies are using when sending them ads, offers and announcements. Think about it, if you're going to see banner ads and popup ads along with text alerts and email blasts, wouldn't you prefer that they're at least tailored to your likes and dislikes? Autograph has raised $13 million, is a team of 17 people and has offices in Seattle and London.

In this interview I spoke with Henry Lawson, co-founder of Autograph about why he started this company back in 2011, what was their thesis on the future of marketing, what was their plan of attack, how did he find his co-founders, when did they raise capital, what exactly does the Autograph product do, who are some of their big clients, how many consumers have created profiles so far, what is this "opt in" revolution all about, why is is better to be a few years early rather than a few years late, how have they managed to keep the team so lean, how long do clients stay with them, what have been the biggest challenges the past 6 years and so much more.

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