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Ep 164:

Interview with Ricardo Ibarra, founder of Auctio Leads

Every business wants to grow but not every business is doing a good job of cultivating referrals and maximizing the revenue potential on those referrals. That's where Auctio is able to help you. They created a product that helps B2B companies setup and accelerate referral programs. Some of their clients are now generating as much as 80% of revenue from referrals. Auctio was started in 2014, has raised $500k and is headquartered in NYC with most of their tech team in Columbia. Learn more at

In this interview I spoke with Richard Ibarra, founder of Auctio Leads about his motivation and passion behind the company, what big problem are they solving and do they have a specific niche, why did he decide to be a solo-founder and what are the challenges with such, what are the advantages to hiring software engineers in Columbia as opposed to the U.S., what types of clients are they working with, what are some of their client's biggest success stories, what have been some of the harder days at Auctio, what's his #1 goal for 2017, when does he plan to raise more capital, what lessons has he learned over the past 3 years, what traits make a good founder and much more.

Connect with Auctio on Facebook and Linkedin and Twitter and AngelList and Crunchbase.

Connect with Ricardo on Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList or email him at

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