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Ep 158:

Interview with Michal Borkowski, founder of Brainly

8 years ago the founders of Brainly started the company to give students a genuine peer-learning platform but little did they know that over the years million upon millions of students would be helping and supporting each other. Brainly supports all of the major school subjects and makes it super easy for students to post questions and get answers. They are mostly focused on high school but their platform is still used by middle school and college students. The company has raised $24.5 million from some awesome investors including VC's like General Catalyst and Learn Capital as well as strategic investors like Naspers.

In this interview we we spoke with Michal Borkowski about his motivation behind Brainly, what problem(s) were they solving, what it was like bootstrapping for several years versus how things changed since they raised capital, what marketing strategies did they try and which ones worked the best, how many students are using their platform every month, which subjects are the most popular, what are his top goals for this year and beyond, what's the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur, what's the best advice his investors have given him, will they sell the company someday and much more. Learn more at

Connect with Brainly on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

Connect with Michal on Linkedin and AngelList.

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