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Ep 157:

Interview with Johnny Chin, founder of Bannerman

When I first came across Bannerman I thought they were just an "on-demand security guard service" which was in fact their original business model but they have morphed into an extremely valuable security solution for hundreds of clients and properties across several major markets including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City with plans to expand to other cities in the near future. For now the company is focused on corporate clients and property management companies. Their clients not only get highly qualified security personnel but they also get Bannerman's advanced technologies and dashboards that enable those security people to perform their job at a much higher level. Learn more at

In this interview I spoke with Johnny about his motivation behind starting the company, how did he find his co-founder and how are their roles defined, what was their experience with Y-combinator and raising money from investors, what was their go-to-market strategy and what pivots have their made over time, how are they acquiring their clients today and what types of clients are they working with, what is their pricing model and how have they managed to scale the company while remaining profitable, what have been the biggest challenges and what lessons can he share with the rest of us, what's the future of the company, what's the strategy for expanding into new markets and much more. 

Connect with Bannerman on Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin.

Connect with Johnny on Twitter and Linkedin.

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