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Ep 156:

Interview with Jay Desai, founder of PatientPing

I love interviewing founders of companies that are solving massive problems especially in the healthcare industry. Through my own experiences this past year it's obvious there are still many issues that plague our trillion dollar health system. PatientPing has developed a cloud-based technology that allows all of your healthcare providers to operate and communicate more effectively which in the end gives patients a higher quality of care and also brings down costs for the payers/insurers. Basically your healthcare providers will be alerted when something important happens such as being admitted to the hospital. With most providers managing hundreds or thousands of clients it's extremely hard for them to stay informed and involved with patient care but PatientPing is a service that now makes it a little easier. Learn more at

In this interview I spoke with Jay about this motivation behind starting PatientPing, what he was doing prior to this, how he found his co-founder, when did they launch the service, when did they raise their first round of capital, what markets they are currently operating in, what was their go-to-market strategy and how do they land new clients, what has been their hiring/recruiting strategy, what have been the biggest challenges, what's his favorite thing about being an entrepreneur, what's the best piece of advice his investors have given him, what's the end game and much more.

Connect with PatientPing on Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin and AngelList.

Connect with Jay on Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

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