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Ep 155:

Interview with Tony Corrigan, founder of Tenderscout

Government contracts represent a $3 trillion global opportunity for millions of businesses across all industries. Winning these projects can be very difficult but so is finding them. Tenderscout has created a service that allows any company to find potential government contracts that match their area of expertise and thus would be worth bidding on. After finding ideal projects, the company can either manage the bidding process themselves or they can pay Tenderscout a fee to do it for them. Tenderscout has already been involved with more than 1,000 contracts so they're becoming the experts that give you a huge advantage and Tenderscout has helped clients with projects from $50,000 to $40 million.

In this interview I spoke with Tony about a variety of things including why he started Tenderscout, what is his vision for the company, how are they helping clients find and win government contracts, what have been the biggest challenges over the past two years, what's it like raising capital in Ireland and why they'll focus on the U.S. for their next round, what are the advantages and disadvantages to building a company in Dublin, what is his end goal with Tenderscout, what exactly is machine learning, is it hard to recruit talent in Dublin and much more.

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