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Ep 154: Interview with Dr. Al-Ubaydli, founder of Patients Know Best

It's time that we take control of our medical records. For anyone that has dealt with the healthcare industry and the providers it can be extremely frustrating when your records are not updated properly or shared with your other doctors and specialists or available for you to review when needed. The medical records industry is outdated and inefficient. Google and Microsoft both attempted to provide solutions but ultimately failed to gain any significant traction. Patients Know Best (PKB) was started in 2008 by Levi Morehouse with a mission of giving patients more control over their medical records. The company is based in the U.K. and has raised $8 million from investors.

In this interview I spoke with Levi about his vision for Patients Know Best and why he started the company, how many providers and patients are they currently working with, what has been their marketing strategy for the past 8+ years and how has it changed over time, what is their pricing model, why are their 42 employees spread across 12 countries, how are they scaling in the U.K. and when will they be coming to the U.S., how messed up is the medical records industry and why have other companies has such a hard time building a scalable solution, what are the biggest mistakes he has made, what are his proudest moments and much more.

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