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Ep 153:

Interview with Levi Morehouse, founder of Ceterus

Very few business owners enjoy doing the bookkeeping but it's an essential component to building and maintaining a successful and profitable business. Every year millions of businesses fail and some of the main reasons are due to bad bookkeeping, bad cash flow management, not paying bills on time, not keeping up with taxes and not knowing your financial metrics. Lucky for you companies like Ceterus can assist you and your business with all of these needs. Ceterus essentially takes over your bookkeeping, imports all of your financial/banking data and provides you with real time reports and analysis so you can run your business better and not stress out about the boring bookkeeping stuff.

In this interview I spoke with Levi Morehouse, founder of Ceterus about his journey as an entrepreneur, how he transitioned Ceterus from a service business to a software business, why he raised $4.2 million from investors, how their product offering helps business owners, what is their marketing strategy for acquiring new customers, what are their metrics in terms of churn and lifetime customer value, why did he choose Charleston, SC for building this company, how does he recruit top talent, what are the big mistakes that business owners make when it comes to bookkeeping/accounting and much more.

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