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Ep 151:

Interview with Amanda Steinberg, founder of DailyWorth

8 years ago Amanda Steinberg started DailyWorth as a side project, it was essentially a blog where she could begin educating women on important financial issues that she was learning herself. Fast forward to today and DailyWorth is a thriving website with a million readers that come back regularly for information and advice about money issues, career issues, life issues and so on. Not only is Amanda busy running DailyWorth but she also found the time to write a book called "Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms" and launch an investment advisory firm called Worth Financial Management. Amanda has raised a total of $9 million from more than a dozen angel investors including Joanne Wilson, Dave McClure and billionaire Eric Schmidt (former CEO of Google).

In this interview I spoke with Amanda about why she first started DailyWorth and what motivated her to turn this into a real company, what was the original business model and how has it changed over time, what need is DailyWorth solving in the market, what caused her to write a book, why did she decide to launch an investment firm, what have been the biggest challenges during her entrepreneurial journey, what business and financial advice does she have for others, what have been the darkest days and brightest moments and much more.

Connect with Amanda on Twitter and Linkedin.

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