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Ep 148: Interview with Eran Shir, founder of Nexar

Nexar wants to make the roads safer. Through their mobile app (available for iPhone and Android) the Nexar technology allows drivers to have a dash cam as well as receive real time alerts on nearby driving hazards and possible collisions. More than 100,000 drivers are using the Nexar app and have accumulated millions of hours of driving data. The company is more focused on commercial and professional drivers since they're on the roads 8-12 hours per day versus consumer drivers whose vehicles sit idle 90% of the time.

In this interview I spoke with Eran about why he started Nexar, what their vision is for the company, how and when did they launch their service and how did the timing correspond to their capital raises, why data is the real crown jewel, how Nexar is changing driver safety and preventing crashes, why the dash cam and crash reconstruction technology has proved valuable when dealing with insurance companies and law enforcement, how their technology will play a part in the future of autonomous driving, which markets they are mostly focused on, why they have offices in three cities (Tel Avis, NYC and SF), what positions they are currently hiring for and much more.

Connect with Nexar on Facbook and Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

Connect with Eran on Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList.

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