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Ep 145:

Interview with Scott Harrison, founder of Charity:Water

Charity: Water is one of the most amazing charities on the planet and Scott Harrison is one of the most inspiring people you'll ever come across. I've been a fan of him and his organization for many years so getting to interview Scott and have him share the Charity: Water story was a true honor. 

Scott started Charity: Water in 2006 after spending two years in Africa and seeing first hand how many people suffered from not having clean drinking water. When he came back to the U.S. he was determined to find a solution so he began asking for donations from friends to get Charity: Water up and running. Finally a very generous business man and philanthropist heard his story and graciously gave $1 million to fund the operations. Since the very beginning all of the overhead and operations for Charity: Water have been funded by a group of 117 wealthy families including Chris Sacca, Jack Dorsey, Daniel Ek, Jony Ives and many others. This means that 100% of charitable donations from people like you and me go directly to the cause. Learn more at

Over the past 10 years Charity: Water has raised $240 million in donations, they have finished 22,000 water projects and have given clean drinking water to more than 7 million people. But Scott acknowledges there is still much more work to be done because 660 million people still don't have clean drinking water. On average it costs $10,000 to drill a well which gives water to 300+ people so break it down and it costs only $30 to give clean water to someone and most likely save their life. You can make a donation today at

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