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Ep 140:

Interview with Jacob Jaber, founder of Philz Coffee

The Philz Coffee story is a very unusual one. The original Philz location was owned and operated by Phil Jaber as a grocery store but after years of making the most amazing coffee for customers he decided to transform the store into a coffee shop. Several years later Phil and his son Jacob opened up a second location and then a third and then several more throughout the Bay Area. They were building a brand that was loved and admired by customers. Then in 2013 they decided it was time to grow the Philz brand nationwide so they raised a $15 million round of capital from a group of investors including several celebrities such as Jonah Hill, Snoop Dogg and Jamie Kennedy. They've now raised a total of $75 million and have expanded beyond the Bay Area into Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington DC and now coming to Boston and several other metropolitan areas. 

In this interview I spoke with Jacob about this amazing journey of building and growing Philz, what makes Philz so unique, how they are creating a new coffee experience with super-friendly baristas, what he recruiting strategy is for finding talent, what types of marketing works best for driving traffic into their locations, why they decided to raise capital and how they were able to get so many awesome investors involved, what factors they consider before moving into a new city (like Boston), how they handle customer feedback and suggestions, what is his favorite thing about working with his father and much more. 

Connect with Philz Coffee on Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin.

You can find Jacob on Linkedin and Twitter.

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