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Ep 139:

Interview with Justin Rosenberg, founder of Honeygrow

If you only take away one thing from this incredible interview with Justin let it be this...when Justin started to raise money for Honeygrow to launch the first location he was rejected by the first 93 investors that he pitched to, it wasn't until the 94th person that he finally got a "yes". This story truly embodies the ideal entrepreneur...lots of passion and dedication with a little bit of crazy. So whatever your situation and no matter how hard it gets...keep moving forward!!!

After a career in finance Justin knew it was time to pursue something new. He always had a passion for food and cooking but had never run a restaurant before so he spent a year working in the industry which proved to be a valuable experience. After pitching 90+ investors Justin was finally able to raise the $2 million needed to launch the first Honeygrow location. Fast forward 4 years and the company has 15 locations with 10 more opening up this year. They've already raised an additional $50 million to support their rapid growth. 

In this interview I spoke with Justin about why he started Honeygrow, why it was so hard raising capital and why he didn't get discouraged after so much rejection, what went right and wrong in the launch of the first location, whether things got easier with the next few openings, what is the company's overall marketing strategy as well as the strategy with each new store, how he approaches hiring, where the company is expanding to, what makes Honeygrow different than other fast-casual eating places, what are his favorite items on the menu and much more.

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