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Ep 137: Interview with Vinnie Fisher, founder of FullyAccountable

This was one of my best interviews because Vinnie Fisher is my first guest that has started and grown 3 different companies to $10+ million in revenues. He is now working on his 4th. His newest company FullyAccountable wants to be your back office solution meaning they can take over or assist with your accounting, your operations, and your human resources. They also provide a robust dashboard where the business owner or key employees can review and analyze the most important metrics. FullyAccountable's platform is affordable and promises to save you time and money while increasing accuracy and efficiency within your business.

FullyAccountable is still bootstrapped (as were all of Vinnie's previous companies), the company is based in Ohio and they are actively hiring for multiple positions. The company has created a very viable solution and is now preparing for rapid growth. For 2017 they are hoping to grow revenues by 3x.

In this interview Vinnie and I covered a lot of ground, but mostly we spoke about why he started FullyAccountable, what problems they are solving for business owners, how they priced their solution, why he thinks FullyAccountable will be his biggest success thus far, how they are acquiring customers, why he thinks retention is one of the most critical aspects of building a company, how he balances growth vs profits, what he learned in his previous 8-figure businesses that make him a better CEO today, what advice he'd share with other founders and finally why he likes to hire good people and give them the opportunity and support to become great people.

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