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Ep 136:

Interview with Benji Markoff, founder of FounderShield

When you start a new business there are literally hundreds if not thousands of things you need to think about and get done. Often times insurance gets overlooked. If you're a very early-stage company without many assets, clients or revenue then insurance may not be necessary but once you start to grow, hire new employees, buy new equipment, develop new proprietary technologies and raise more money from investors then insurance needs to be a requirement...otherwise your entire company could be at risk.

FounderShield specializes in providing insurance packages for venture-backed companies and high-growth startups from 10 employees to hundreds of employees. If you want more info visit their website today at

In this interview I spoke with Benji Markoff, co-founder of FounderShield about why he started this company and built it into the leading provider of insurance for startups without having an insurance background, what makes FounderShield different and better than the competition, how they are acquiring their customers and why content marketing has driven more than 40% of new business, why he decided to setup the company in NYC and when they might expand to the West Coast, what kinds of insurance entrepreneurs should have, who is driving those decisions, what's at risk without having the proper insurance and much more.

Connect with FounderShield on Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin.

You can find Benji on Twitter and Linkedin and AngelList or email him at

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