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Ep 202:

Interview with Andrew Weinreich, entrepreneur and podcaster

Andrew Weinreich is a prolific serial entrepreneur with a 20 year track record of starting, building and selling companies. In the mid 90's Andrew gave up his career as a lawyer and launched the very first social network called SixDegrees. 5 years later he sold that company to YouthStream and stayed on to help with the transition. He then jumped into his next startup called Voltage which was determined to create wifi hotspots for public spaces. Unfortunately that company didn't lead to a successful exit like his first venture. Determined to innovate new industries he then started I Stand For to help politicians with online donations, then Xtify (sold to IBM) which offered location based services, then MeetMoi (sold to which was the first location based dating app and finally his most recent company Indicative which does predictive analytics. Andrew also runs a startup bootcamp in NYC and a podcast called Predicting Our Future.

In this interview I spoke with Andrew about his 20 year startup career, what each company did and what he learned along the way, which startup provided the most challenges, does he have any regrets about how things turned out, any failures he can share with us, what advice does he have for other founders, why is it important to understand every facet of your business but hire smarter people, what are the critical components of building a successful company, what is his bootcamp all about, how long is it, what do they teach, what types of companies/founders are coming, what is his podcast about, why does he host it, which industries does he believe still have the biggest opportunity for disruption and much more.

Learn more his startup bootcamp in NYC called Andrew's Roadmaps 

Listen to his Predicting Our Future podcast.

Connect with Andrew on Twitter and Linkedin.

Connect with Andrew's Roadmaps on Twitter.

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