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Ep 210: Interview with Allen Han, founder of Teforia

The global tea industry is probably much larger than most people realize (including me). After doing some research it appears to be in the range of $40 billion annually but unlike the coffee industry there are not many well-known brands dominating this massive market. Teforia wants to change that. Teforia is creating a new tea experience for tea drinkers which includes their beautiful brewing system along with dozens of different tea leaf blends. Owners of these systems can source their tea from other companies but Teforia has found that the majority of their consumers are very loyal to their product due to the consistency of their high-quality whole leaves. Teforia is based in Silicon Valley, has raised $17 million from investors and currently has 16 employees.

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In this interview I spoke with Allen Han, founder of Teforia about his love to tea and how it motivated him to start Teforia, why does the tea industry provide such a huge business opportunity, how did he build a world class team of engineers and product designers, how did he source the manufacturing parts of the business, how long did it take to go from idea or prototype, how many prototypes did they need before having the final go-to-market product, how long did the company bootstrap, when did they raise their first round of capital and how much progress has they shown, besides their website where else can you buy a Teforia brewing system, how did they build relationships with their retail partners, are they selling internationally yet, what is their current marketing strategy, what have been the biggest challenges and lessons learned, why is tea better for you than coffee, and much more.

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