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Ep 212:

Interview with Aaron Krause, founder of Scrub Daddy

Today was one of my favorite all-time interviews...not only because Scrub Daddy is an amazing product loved by millions or that Scrub Daddy is the most successful Shark Tank company ever or that Aaron Krause seems like one of the nicest guys in the business world...but because Aaron and his kickass team have grown Scrub Daddy from a 1-person company out of of his home into a 65-person company with 70,000 square feet of manufacturing/warehouse space and more than $100 million in sales. Perhaps the most remarkable part is that Aaron and his team (including Lori Greiner) have accomplished all of this in just 4.5 years. Most of you remember Scrub Daddy from Season 4 of Shark Tank (watch the pitch here) where Aaron closed a deal with Lori at $200,000 for 20% equity. Since then the growth at Scrub Daddy has been like a rocket ship, fueled by distribution at tens of thousands of retail stores across the world and more than 200 appearances on QVC.

In this interview with Aaron Krause, founder of Scrub Daddy we covered a ton of topics such as why and when did Scrub Daddy get started, where did the idea come from, how did he first get onto QVC, was his first appearance a successful one, when did he apply for Shark Tank, what was the vetting process like, what was his reaction when he found out he'd be on the show, how has Shark Tank changed his life and helped build Scrub Daddy, what is it like working with Lori, how have you grown distribution so quickly, how important has QVC been to the Scrub Daddy story, why are you building the company in a suburb of Philadelphia, who are you hiring, where are you finding them, why is it so important to keep developing new products, what have been the biggest challenges over the past 5+ years, what lessons have you learned, how important was your previous manufacturing experience, what advice would you like to share with other entrepreneurs, and much more.

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